"At only £24 you'd be CRAZY not to have it!"
Louise Bickerstaffe, Welwyn Garden City
JANE SCANLON, Aberdovy:“I don't ride much but all my kids do and it's good to know they're covered - especially with private medical treatment."
LIZ MASTERSON, Bradford:“I've started cycling to get fit and I like the back-up that TCA provides. It gives me more confidence to get out there and ride!"
MICHAEL STEELE, Plymouth:“We've got 3 kids and 7 bikes in total in our family and I really like the fact that they're all covered by one TCA membership."
TONY HARRIES, Cambridge:“Simon at TCA guided me through a very traumatic time after my accident. From start to finish it was excellent."
CARLA SHERIDAN, Edinburgh:“I ride to work every day and there's a lot of traffic, so it's good to know I'm covered and so is my bike if anyone bashes into me."
SAEED ASHOKH, Lincoln:“My bike is worth more than £5,000 and if some idiot totals it I can't afford to replace it, so this cover that will replace it is superb."
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"I was knocked off my bike and called Total Cycle Assist. Their service was excellent and my bike repairs were carried out efficiently and completely to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Cycle Assist to friends and family."

Ian Balchin, London

Total Cycle Assist from Assist Protect
This is total care cover, not an insurance policy – we protect
all your bikes, adult riders and children all under one cover.
What is TCA cover?

• Cycling accident assistance,
  protection and services.

• Saves you from paying any of your
  bike repair costs (or bike replacement
  costs if your bike gets written off) after
  a non-fault cycling accident

• Gives you multi-bike UK-wide
  cycling accident response cover

• Covers your whole family including
  all your children of all ages

• Removes unnecessary hassle when
  you need to claim

• Gives you and your family the
  professional service you won't get
  from any home insurance provider.

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Why do you need it?

• The need for our cover is very real:
  there are 133,000 non-fault cycling
  accidents every year on British roads.

• If you have home insurance, it's easy
  to believe it gives you the cycling cover
  you need - but it doesn't.

• The average bike repair bill is £170,
  but can be a lot more depending on
  what kind of bike you have. As our
  member you won’t pay any of it after
  a non-fault accident.

• The average cost to replace a bike is
  £500+. With us you won’t pay any of it
  after a non-fault accident.

• We recover our costs from the at-fault
  party, not from you or your insurer.

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What do you get for £24?

• 24/7 UK-wide non-fault accident cover.

• Professional cost-free cycle repair.

• Brand new same-value replacement
  bike if your own bike is damaged
  beyond repair.

• Multi-bike cover – covers your whole
  family and all your bikes.

• Child cover - covers all your children
  regardless of age.

• Adult and child health assistance
  - private care, no costs, no waiting.

• Expert legal support.

• 12 months cover.

• No excess to pay, no costs to you.

Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover    Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover    Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover    Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover
Where the term 'cover' is used in this site, it is as an umbrella term denoting the benefits and services included in the particular membership package and not to denote a policy of insurance.
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